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Individual Agents and Teams of 2 thrive in our system.  

Individual Agents Commission Plans listed below: (call us to inquire about our small Team Plans)

100% commission
$4,500 annual cap
$450 transaction fee per residential sale
$75 transaction fee per residential lease
$750 transaction fee per commercial lease (see Broker for lease renewal commissions)
$900 transaction fee per commercial sale
$225 transaction fee per sale when commission is less than $1,000
$225 transaction fee per “portfolio brand” sale after cap
$75 transaction fee per “portfolio brand” lease after cap
$225 transaction fee per referral outside Brokerage coverage area
$450 transaction fee per referral inside Brokerage coverage area
E&O included
No fees on 2 ($0) zero commission closings per year ($75 E&O transaction fee per closing on 3+)
No setup fees, No annual fees, No franchise fees, No quotas, No required meetings
Work from anywhere, but do not meet clients at your home office!

100% commission
$3,600 annual cap
$3,600 annual membership fee due by January 5th (prorated on start date only)
$225 transaction fee per “portfolio brand” sale after cap
$75 transaction fee per “portfolio brand” lease after cap
No other fees
E&O included
No setup fees, No franchise fees, No quotas, No required meetings
Work from anywhere, but do not meet clients at your home office!


Who We Are:
VerTex RealtyLuxury Estates of TexasTriTex Commercial Real Estate

We are a privately held independent boutique Real Estate Brokerage Services firm specializing in the sale and leasing of residential and commercial properties, lots and acreage, and farm and ranch land, in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex and surrounding North Texas areas.

Welcome to our recruiting page.  My name is Dustin Mayfield.  I am the Broker/Owner at VerTex Realty, Luxury Estates of Texas, and TriTex Commercial Real Estate.  I hold 2 college degrees in Real Estate and Finance and have worked in many different facets of this industry, including a real estate and financial services career in the corporate world.  I am an excellent business manager, very creative, easy to get along with, always accessible, and I provide ongoing Broker support with direct contact.


What We Represent:
We designed our business strategy around the premise that our Brokerage and its Agents should have a mutually beneficial and balanced relationship.  Too often in this industry the balance shifts towards the Brokerage side, and the Agents career suffers as a result.  We strongly believe in establishing and maintaining that balanced approach to nurture the Agent/Broker relationship and create success and prosperity for all parties.

We want our Agents to feel they are a business within a business, concentrating on building their specific real estate interests and goals.  For all practical purposes, that’s what you are, your own business.  We assist you in creating and executing step by step strategic business plans, and in locating, obtaining, and delivering the appropriate resources necessary to cultivate those plans.  We didn’t create this business model and we aren’t the first, or only ones, to utilize it.  Where we differ from many other Brokerages is in the delivery of this model.  We intentionally stay a smaller boutique style Brokerage to better provide continued and ongoing support and career enhancement.  We also offer some of the best commission plans in the industry allowing our Agents to be compensated as much as possible from their transactions in order to re-invest in their specific business needs and resources, rather than collect more money from Agents to cover as many angles as the Brokerage possibly can.  Collecting more of an Agents hard earned money to invest in Brokerage chosen ideas and technologies increases our overhead costs creating bloat, which effectively renders us incapable of quickly adapting to our fast-paced and perpetually evolving career environment.  It’s also not possible to effectively and efficiently invest in all possible strategies for all different real estate business practices.  Doing so costs Agents so much of their hard earned money and rarely increases business for the Agent.  Don’t partner with a Brokerage that takes the across the board investment approach.  Partner with a Brokerage that allows you to specifically draw upon your strengths, uniqueness, interests, and goals by empowering you to succeed and to re-invest in that success with more financial flexibility and money in your pocket.  We help you build your own business for yourself, but not on your own or by yourself! 

I have a lot of information below, but please take the time to read it all, (your career and future are worth that time and energy), even if you do not license with my Brokerage.  Please give me a call anytime at (214) 531-9661 to discuss how we might be able to help you or to discuss this information, and let’s see if we are a good fit to become your real estate partner.


What We Are Looking For:
Licensed, Motivated, and/or Experienced Residential and Commercial Real Estate Sales and Leasing Agents that are looking for a change, a smarter business plan, and a smaller boutique Brokerage to grow their business and prosper (no property management at this time)
DFW area Agents operating in Denton, Collin, Dallas, Tarrant, Rockwall, Wise, Montague, Cooke, Grayson, Parker and Ellis counties
Agents that are comfortable with technology, systems, computers, and office equipment
Agents that possess strong communication and people skills and some sales and marketing skills
Independent Agents with the ability to use their home office and work in the field (however for those who need a physical office, virtual offices, executive suites and coworking spaces are so affordable and common these days, chances are there’s one near you, we know many)
Ambitious Agents that are passionate about Real Estate, have a desire to do the right thing, willing to learn, share, and teach successful winning philosophies, and open to new ideas, technologies, and other advancements that further our business
Honest Agents that truly understand ethics, fiduciary duty, take pride in their actions, do a great job and quality work, and are interested in a real estate career (15 out of focus crooked photos on a rainy day of a $300,000 home is not quality work, nor is it evidence of exercising fiduciary duty to your clients)


The Tide is Changing:
Many Agents have been told, or still believe, that licensing with a Virtual 100% Commission Brokerage means losing office or Broker support they “sometimes” received from the traditional Brokerage business model, but this is not true at our Brokerage.

Many Agents have been told, or still believe, that licensing with a Virtual 100% Commission Brokerage means losing marketing and advertising visibility and brand name benefits from the typical corporate Broker business model (we all know their names), but this is not true at our Brokerage. (Each Agent is a brand, and clients follow Agents, not corporate brands).

Many Agents have been told, or still believe, that licensing with a Virtual 100% Commission Brokerage means losing all the old STUFF they think they need to operate their business, but this is not true at our Brokerage. (new technologies and more money in your pocket changes that)


What We Offer:
HUD Certified Broker
Boutique Residential Brokerage with Luxury Real Estate division and Commercial Real Estate division (no property management at this time)
Full Time Broker support with 1 to 1 training, mentoring, and direct Broker access and assistance when needed
Best, or rivaling the Best, commission plans in the industry
Commissions paid at closing
E&O Insurance included in all commission plans
Set your own service fees and commissions with clients
No setup fees, No monthly fees, No franchise fees, No hidden fees of any kind
No quotas, No required sales meetings, No business area coverage limitations within North Texas market, No traditional real estate office headaches
Toll free office phone extension and voicemail
Online fax capabilities
Email or fax all documentation to Brokerage
Work from anywhere, including your home office and out in the field with clients
Clearly defined and written Broker/Agent Contractors Agreement with no surprises or fine print
Forward thinking and adaptable low overheard Brokerage business model
Balance (we take a balanced, intelligent, professional, and strategic business approach)
No pressure environment with Independence and Support (we don’t sponsor you then forget about you, we don’t leave you on an island by yourself, but we don’t hound you either)
Member of MetroTex Association of REALTORS®


What You Should Be Looking For in a Brokerage:
When partnering with a Real Estate Brokerage you should evaluate the 7 C’s:
Company stability – is this company long lasting and stable?
Competition – is this company competitive in its marketplace?
Culture – do I fit in with their culture and beliefs?
Comfortability – am I comfortable with their business methods, philosophy, and with them?
Commissions – am I fairly compensated, and receiving fair value in return?
Career – could I stall, or will I succeed in this company and advance my career
Circumstances – all other considerations I deem important for my specific circumstances and dynamics
Of course there are plenty of other ideas on how and what to evaluate, this is just one example.


Don’t be fooled by these offers: Things to think about when choosing a Brokerage:
Free Websites:
Free cheap websites and subpages or intranet pages from the Brokers site are not powerful tools and benefits to Agents as many Brokerages claim.  We all know websites that do good work for Agents are not intranet sites or just pages within a Brokers site.  Agents need good powerful websites to find local professionals, not a marketing ploy by Brokers offering free ones.  These pages and sites do not achieve positive results for Agents and are just cheap talk.  Don’t be fooled by this offer.  Put more money in your bank account from our commission plans and purchase a good website that achieves the results you want.

Brokerage Email:
While this can be a plus, if you partner with 3 or 4 different Brokerages throughout your real estate career, it’s a big hassle to try and transfer, retrieve, and obtain important emails you may want to keep for long periods of time.  It’s easier these days to have email forwarded and transferred than it used to be, however, not all internal Brokerage or third party email servers are reliable, and sometimes it requires their assistance in transferring data to you once you leave.  Take the hassle out of this and use the cloud.  Don’t be fooled into thinking Brokerage email is as important as it used to be, not with Smartphones, Google Business, Outlook, Yahoo, MSN, etc.

Large Brokerage Size:
Large Brokerages touting their size, strength, and recognizable brand name, (the ones we’ve all heard of for years), are not interested in your career, they’re interested in their bottom line.  More often than not, the large size and old brand name are detriments to you, not benefits.  These large companies are more interested in marketing their brand name than marketing you, or your direct success.  If you aren’t bringing in enough revenue for them, they will recruit, recruit, recruit and continue to sponsor more Agents for you to compete with for Leads and other Brokerage resources.  The speed in which Agents must move and adapt in today’s technology based world with ever changing market conditions is outrageously fast.  The larger the company, the older the name, the slower they move and adjust to your needs and your clients needs.  Don’t be fooled by this.  In terms of Real Estate Companies, bigger does not mean better, older does not mean wiser!

Monthly Fees:
Our philosophy is this:  Agents don’t get paid until they close a transaction, so why should Brokerages?  This isn’t true in ALL cases, but for the most part, we think it’s fair that the Brokerage is on the same level playing field with the Agent, fighting and clawing to ethically close transactions to earn income.  Even though we all know how difficult it can be, having to wait until a closing to earn a commission creates tenacity and motivation in an Agent.  The Agent, as well as the Brokerage, are served well by that effect.  For this reason, we do not charge monthly fees.  With 1 exception, our commission plans are production based, so the Brokerage is not compensated if the Agent is not compensated, thereby giving all parties motivation for building and continuing success.  There’s another level to this as well.  In interviewing and surveying Agents, and examining their production levels, amount of training, attention, and career enhancement they receive, we found that there is often a lack of motivation for a Brokerage to partake and assist in an Agents success if the Brokerage is collecting a monthly fee.  Like the old adage says, “I am getting my money regardless, so you’re on your own”.  Of course not all Brokerages take that stance, but many do.  I have always applauded and respected companies that truly take care of their employees, and put their employees’ interests above their own.  That’s so rare these days.  There are Brokerages like that.  We are one of them.  Don’t be fooled by the ones that aren’t.  Be cautious to ensure your best interests are in play and not those of the Brokers and Owners.  If you feel we’re not a good fit, we will help you locate a Brokerage that is.

Many Larger Brokerages and Teams promise to provide you leads.  Simple math here.  If a large Brokerage has 100 Agents, and each Agent receives 4 scrubbed leads per month, that’s at least 400 leads per month the Brokerage must receive and distribute.  What are the quality of those leads going to be?  Could one single Brokerage have or obtain 400 bona-fide and quality leads per month?  To receive 400 leads per month, they are from online lead sources, and therefore, a low percentage of quality bona-fide leads.  That does not mean I do not like online leads, but I look at the opportunity cost here.  Again simple math.  How much am I paying my Brokerage in a month, or in a year, to hopefully close 1 or 2 of these leads?  Could I be paying for these same leads myself, directly from the same company or lead source providing these leads to the Brokerage, for a much lower cost?  Price it out.  Do the math.  Think past the idea the Brokerage is providing you with a valuable cost effective tool by providing you leads they purchase from various online sources.  Simple math.  You can purchase those leads yourself for much less than the dollars you pay into the Brokerage for the same leads and from the same online sources.  Brokers and Team Leaders do not want you to know this.  Let’s face it, we all pay for leads in one way or another.  We pay for them with our time and energy meeting people, cultivating relationships, and building our referral networks with clients, lenders, and others.  We pay for them in our marketing and advertising costs with websites, signs, email and other marketing campaigns, everything involved in getting our name and business out there and recognized.  We pay for them by purchasing leads directly from various lead sources.  And of course we pay for them if our Brokerage provides them for us.  Research this a little bit.  It does not take much to realize the beneficial alternative cost by obtaining leads directly versus partnering with a Brokerage or Team on the basis of them providing leads for you.  The math is on your side.  Take control and don’t be fooled by this marketing and recruiting ploy by larger Brokerages and Teams.

Brokerage Marketing Materials and Marketing Presentations:
It takes a while for new Agents to recognize and learn this, but they always eventually do.  Why do Agents market their Brokerages so often and so much?  The average Agent rarely makes it 5 to 7 years with a Brokerage before they move on to another company for various reasons, or go out on their own.  Clients follow Agents, not brands.  Why would you want to talk-up and brag on your company so much, and present the company name on your signs and business cards as if they guide your success, and not you?  If you leave that Brokerage in year 3, are you ok with your clients going back to your old company, instead of following you wherever you go?  Aren’t you the one that accomplished that clients goals, and did such a great job for them?  I’m sure you want them following you and not going back to some random Agent with your previous company.  Then why market your Brokerage so much with company marketing materials and presentations?  Clients want to know what you are going to do for them, not what resources your company has available to you.  What does it matter to clients if your Brokerage has beneficial resources available to you if you do not utilize them properly, or at all?  Besides, in today’s technology based world, the disparity between Brokerages and resources they offer to Agents is miniscule.  Market yourself, and how good you are, and that you are such a great Agent you could be successful anywhere, with or without the resources of the Brokerage you are with.  If you don’t follow this guideline, then you are implying, or telling your clients, that your Brokerage is partly, or mostly, responsible for your success in representing them, and that you are not as valuable as you really are.  If your clients believe your company is a big cog in your success, then why would they not go back to find an Agent at your old company if you have moved on to a change of scenery and are no longer there?  Market yourself, present yourself, not the company you will not be with your entire career.  Your name and individual abilities are the most valuable assets you hold for career success.  You’re the reason your clients love you, refer you, and use your services over and over, so everything should be about you, not the brand name on your business cards, signs, and Brokerage presentations and marketing materials.  Don’t be fooled into marketing a brand and not yourself.

Lots of Brokerage Employees:
I run for the hills when I hear this.  Non-licensed employees not compensated by sales are almost always going to be paid $10+/hour.  Where do the funds come from to pay their wages and salaries?  They come from you of course.  You’re already paying for Brokerage rent, mortgage, taxes, insurance, utilities, supplies, equipment, technology, and office furnishings, but you have to pay for these employees too.  Even though it is so nice to have someone doing the little tasks we hate doing, and yes I hate them too, (scanning, faxing, ordering supplies, handling calls, transaction management, making sure files are complete and everything is legal and signed, etc), all those things employees do that help us, I still have to ask, is there a better way?  Are there technologies out there that can help us do the same thing, directly for us, faster, easier, and less expensive?  Can I utilize technology or other things I already have access to daily to assist in accomplishing these same tasks?  Are there Brokerages out there already utilizing technologies and other simple ideas that will allow me to continue to operate my business smoothly but with far less a cost than the commission plan my Brokerage requires to pay for these employees?  The answer is yes.  It may not be exactly the same as having a person do these for you, but there’s plenty of other opportunities to accomplish these tasks without paying your Brokerage so much money.  Don’t be fooled into thinking you can’t find cheaper and more cost effective ways to accomplish the same tasks Brokerage employees handle.

Brokerages Claiming They Have the Best (of anything):
I’m even guilty of this.  It’s a common and natural thing when recruiting or describing our business or methods.  It’s natural to think something you do, you have, or you create, is the best.  It’s not a lie sometimes to say it, but it doesn’t make it true.  Our world is so fast and technology changes day after day that it’s almost impossible for any company or Broker to have the best of anything.  I wouldn’t make a decision to partner with, or not partner with, a Brokerage based on this alone, but don’t be fooled when a Brokerage claims it has the best of anything.  There’s always something out there newer, better, faster, cheaper, or more efficient.

Free Stuff:
What do we truly get in this world for free?  Not much, if anything.  Brokerages giving away a free GPS, free IPad, free tickets to various entertainment venues, and other various free things tells me one of two things, they are either desperate to sponsor Agents at that time to cover their bottom line or overhead costs, or they will make up that cost from you (and then some) down the line, maybe even both of those.  Culture, compensation, and comfortability are much more important considerations.  Don’t be fooled by free stuff.  Buying these items yourself is almost certainly a smarter financial decision.


More About Brokerage Business Models and Commission Plans:
There are basically 4 types of Real Estate Brokerages:

1. Those with high overhead costs that charge their Agents a lot of money they do not earn to cover that overhead (slow to adapt to changes and traditional outdated business model)

2. Those with high overhead costs that recruit as many Agents as they can and charge only a little from each Agent to cover that overhead (slow to adapt to changes and traditional outdated business model)

3. Those with low overhead costs that recruit as many Agents as they can and provide generous commission plans, but with very little support and training (the Freedom Model)


4. Those with low overhead costs that may or may not recruit many Agents, provide generous commission plans, while still providing Broker support and training, and cultivating a successful and adaptable business model nimble enough to quickly change when necessary with very little interruption to its Agents when changes are made (today’s modern independent Brokerage model)

We are number 4.  While we will never claim to have been the first number 4 (because we aren’t), or the greatest number 4 (because we aren’t), we certainly strive to be the best number 4 we can be.  We take pride in the small things.  We welcome Agents input on business ideas, marketing ideas, new and changing technologies, and anything else that might be beneficial to anyone in our organization.  There are many number 4’s out there now, so we are trying to differentiate ourselves, just like we’re all trying to do every day as Agents.  We believe our strong and creative business spirit and entrepreneurial knowledge are definitely leading us along that path of differentiation.

This is always a touchy subject, but in regards to Brokerage commission plans, could we actually call large commission splits, lots of different fees, and high fees the dreaded T word, TAXES?  In a way, YES, WE CAN.  I’ve always felt torn on this subject.  I love driving on great roads, safe bridges, and love police officers and firemen close by when I need them, but I also hate tax preparation time and seeing all the money I have to send in too.  We all would love to pay less in taxes and have more money, and if you agree with that assessment, why do you think Agents are still licensing at conventional Brokerages that collect so much money from them, (TAX-like)?  They collect your money and re-invest in their own infrastructure, office supplies, systems, employee salaries, building utilities, marketing costs, franchise fees, etc etc, many things that do not benefit you and many things you do not use.  They think they know better than you how to utilize and invest the money you earned.  They still think you need a cubicle or office with a desk.  They still think you need to be told how to operate your business and what they plan to spend your dollars on.  They are too large and too slow to adapt in this lightning speed world of change.  They have large overhead costs.  You pay for the rent, mortgage, taxes, insurance, supplies, furnishings, cool air, heat, and electricity in a building you probably rarely occupy.  You’re even paying for the staples and paper clips the Broker uses.  It’s certainly not a dollar for dollar investment.  You know you’re paying in much more money than in Value you are receiving in return.  Isn’t that IRONIC?  We are in such an emotional industry that is constantly searching, and negotiating hard day after day, for VALUE.  Buyers want the best possible Value they can get on a property.  Sellers want the best possible Value they can get for their properties.  But us, well, many of us forget about Value when it comes to our real estate careers.  Don’t throw your money away on outdated Brokerage business models that are slow and just don’t get it, or Brokerages that have already adapted to the new real estate world but still charge you a lot of money you feel they don’t earn or deserve.  Keep that same Value mentality you have for your clients when deciding where to grow and prosper your hard fought and costly real estate career.  I always think about Value and alternative costs for everything I do in my business, you should too.

I like to share these experiences and ideas.  We’ve learned a few things along the way.  The real estate landscape is changing.  It has been for years.  Technology has leveled the playing field.  Many companies are resisting that change.  Agents now have options.  Brokers are no longer in the driver’s seat.  The power has shifted.  Agents have more control now than ever before.  Realize your Value.  Take control of your career.  Partner with a Brokerage that creates a mutually beneficial business relationship, not a conventional Brokerage that tilts the balance of power towards themselves.  There are great Brokerages out there that understand this, like mine.  I’m always willing to assist you in locating them if my Brokerage isn’t a good fit.  Let’s talk about it!


More About Us: Our Methods and Philosophy:
We are the best of both worlds, old meets new, a progressive forward thinking boutique Real Estate Brokerage that understands Agents need Broker support, and should not have to pay thousands each year for that support, but should be compensated what they are worth while still receiving assistance and training when needed.  Brokers all started out as sponsored Agents themselves, and almost every single Agent has at times wondered why they give their Brokers so much money, and what that money is used for.  Why do Brokers forget this when they become owners?  We have one of the best commission plans in the business, rivaling any other Brokerage in the nation.  We DO NOT FEEL we need to line our pockets with Agents hard earned money.  Our low overhead business model and exceptional commission plans allow Agents to make more money for themselves.  Value in partnering with a Real Estate Brokerage, however, comes not only from your commissions, but also from experienced, successful, intelligent, agile, creative, excited, and engaged Real Estate Brokers and Managers willing to share their time and knowledge.  We possess those traits.

We drafted our commission plans, as well as our Brokerage strategy and cultural business plan, from the mindset of the Agent, not the Owners.  We worked backwards from there to ensure both parties can enjoy and sustain success with those strategic plans.  We Can!  I am not only a Broker/Owner, but I’m still an Agent.  I assist real estate clients to earn income.  I still go through the daily grind and same trials, tribulations, learning experiences, and successes you do.  I have not lost the memory or feeling of licensing under a Broker, and I intentionally keep those memories up front and fresh in my mind.  My motivation is a happy and prosperous business, and I want to make sure I do what is necessary to create and maintain that for all parties in this company.  I serve 2 sets of clients.  My fiduciary duties are not only to real estate clients, they are also to you.  I do not take these responsibilities lightly.  Like you, I am motivated for your career success!    With our low overhead costs and great commission plans you have more control over your income to invest in marketing and advertising plans that you feel are a good fit for you. Let’s face it, no 2 of us are alike, therefore no 2 real estate careers are alike.  Sure we all have the same laws, ethics, rules and guidelines to follow, but we all have our own likes, dislikes, and real estate interests and career goals.  Some Agents like investment real estate, some like new home construction, some like luxury real estate, some like rural farm and ranch land, some like urban condos and high rise properties, and some are a jack of all trades, but we all like success and making money.  There is no one size fits all marketing plan that meets all Agents needs, so why partner with a Brokerage that takes that approach?  While traditional Brokerages collect as much money as possible and invest a little bit of that back in marketing, what are the chances they will engage in, or effectively market, what you choose to concentrate on, where you choose to do it, and in modern programs and ideas in today’s world you feel are successful for your business, niche, or market concentration?  We market our Brokerage as much as we possibly can, but our primary objective is to allow you to make as much money as possible on your closings to re-invest in ideas, technology, and marketing campaigns you deem appropriate for your needs, not an across the board plan chosen by us that may not benefit you.  It’s easy to waste your hard earned money that way.  Don’t worry, in our Brokerage you are not alone in researching, locating, and deciphering all the various marketing strategies out there, as I sometimes think there is a different strategy for each Agent in the biz.  We are all constantly bombarded with new technologies, new ideas, marketing company solicitations by email, phone, social media, etc.  We assist you in researching all of this mass hysteria to help make sense of different marketing strategies and pass that info on the best we can to allow you to make informed financial decisions on what to invest in for your business.  If we don’t know anything about it, we will certainly try to find out as much as we can.  We encourage feedback and personal experiences from our team members to assist in this endeavor.

We are not a large Brokerage looking for as many Agents as possible and licensing every single Agent that has a pulse.  We do not continuously recruit in order to grow to a large organization.  We feel a small to medium size environment benefits us, as well as you.  We feel the strengths of a properly managed small to medium size Brokerage outweigh the weaknesses, and in turn feel the weaknesses at a larger Brokerage outweigh the strengths.  I’ve never understood the desire to be in an office with 50 or 100+ Agents.  For the most part, you are still competing with all of those Agents for business, whether you are in the same office and company, or the small boutique Brokerage across the street.  The biggest advantage at a larger Brokerage is the sharing of experiences, ideas, and information, but in today’s world of technology and 24/7 social and mass media, the sharing of experiences, information, and ideas is easy, even a world away.  The biggest disadvantages come in the hard solid immovable business structures that must be in place at such a large office, the huge amounts of overhead costs that are passed on to you, the slow response to change and lack of adaptability to identify and implement necessary and beneficial changes, and of course the inability to speak directly to the Broker, or look them in the eye, anytime you need to.  Those who license at large conventional Brokerages, or have worked in the corporate world, know this all too well.   We are beginning to grow.  We are looking for 7 to 10 Agents in various areas in the DFW Metroplex (Denton, Collin, Dallas, Tarrant, Rockwall, Wise, Montague, Cooke, Grayson, Parker and Ellis counties).  Our business model allows us to be selective and choose Agents we feel are a good fit for us, just as you should be doing for your career.  We are passionate about Real Estate, and want you to be too.  We do not discourage Agents from obtaining their Brokers license and starting their own company.  In fact, we encourage it.  We will even help to guide you on that path.  We like success, prosperity, advancement, and feeling happy and comfortable with who we partner with, and feel every Agent deserves the same.  We know not every Agent will fit our needs and we will not fit every Agents needs.  We know that while our commission plans may be very attractive, our culture or business model may not be conducive to the way you operate your business or your specific business needs.  We know this, so we are willing to assist you in finding a suitable partner to license with if the glove doesn’t fit with us.  Just call us, let’s talk about it.

If you do not have your Texas Real Estate License and are interested in obtaining it, go to the Texas Real Estate Commission website for all necessary information, documentation, and steps to begin your career.  If you have your Texas Real Estate License in inactive status, or you are actively sponsored by another Broker, and we have spoken and are mutually interested in a real estate partnership, go here to the Texas Real Estate Commission website to obtain the proper (change in) sponsorship documentation.  I look forward to a prosperous business relationship.  Please contact me at (214) 531-9661 with all questions and further assistance with anything stated above.

FYI: We want to clarify that we are REALTORS®.  The information stated above does not allude to that fact.  Just to clear on the definition, one can be a Texas Real Estate Agent licensed through the Texas Real Estate Commission without being a REALTOR®, but one cannot be a REALTOR® without being a licensed Real Estate Agent.  The terms are not interchangeable.  REALTOR® Associations are the membership platforms for licensed Real Estate Agents and provide an added or extra level of service, ethics, compliance, regulations, and beneficial client and consumer protections.  We are licensed Texas Real Estate Agents through the Texas Real Estate Commission AND members of the National Association of REALTORS®, Texas Association of REALTORS®, and MetroTex Association of REALTORS®.  We faithfully observe, promote, and abide by all legal doctrines and ethics of all memberships.  Any Agent that licenses with, or is sponsored by, this Brokerage must be a member of the same REALTOR® Associations.  Please contact us, the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC), the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR), the Texas Association of REALTORS® (TAR), or the MetroTex Association of REALTORS® by phone, or visit their websites, for further information.